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Site & Garden Clearance

Whether you are domestic, commercial or construction, we’re here to clear!

We provide a range of clearance services. We’re equipped to deal with anything from a small domestic garden to much larger areas such as development and industrial sites.  We are licensed waste carriers, so you can be assured your waste will be disposed of in the proper manner.

Below are just a few of the clearance services we provide. If you'd like a FREE, no obligation quote or if you need something a little different, please contact us.

Site Clearance

Garden Clearance


Green Waste Disposal

Scrap Metal Removal

Waste Disposal

Contact Us about Clearance

We're sure you still have some questions, so don't hesitate to contact us. Either phone us or fill out the contact form and we'll be in touch.

Type of work required

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Garden clearance involves literally clearing out the garden and can be part of garden maintenance. Any clutter that needs to be cleared can be removed, and sometimes it's just as easy as taking away a big pile of stuff in a corner that's been accumulating for years and doesn't seem to be resolved. Perhaps you even have a shed full of stuff you do not need anymore but cannot move, which is where we can help.

The following list consists of a sampling of the waste that we can remove and dispose of during the garden clearance process:

  • Garden refuse: loose branches, leaves, shrubs, twigs, soil, potted plants, cut grass, old pots, lawn mowers, dismantled sheds & greenhouses

  • Wood: plywood, gates, fencing, firewood, lumber

  • Furniture: garden furniture, sofas, sofa-beds, beds, armchairs, filing cabinets

  • General waste: paper, boxes, books, kitchenware, tools, clothes, bric-a-brac

  • Appliances: washer dryers, computers, stereos, printers, photocopiers, flat screen TV/monitors, boilers, cookers

  • Builder’s waste: plaster, drywall, broken patios, pallets, crates, glass, concrete, tiles, asphalt, carpet, wood, flooring and general rubbish. 

  • As we clean and tidy your garden, we will also prepare it any new designs you might be undertaking in the future. If you are stuck on ideas, we will be sure to give you our best advice regarding your garden layout, what to do with the existing plants and shrubs, as well as future design suggestions.  

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Clear Your Garden from Unwanted Rubbish 

Having trouble finding the time to clean up your garden? Turn to our professionals, no matter how small or large the garden is. Our team is experienced in trimming overgrown plants, trees, removing organic and non-organic waste, and cleaning up your garden so that you can enjoy your garden once again. The skilled staff at our company believe in attention to detail. We will even take leaves from ponds, patios and driveways. When leaves fall on paths, they form a layer of moss and algae on the surface, making the path extremely slippery. We can provide you with services to clear up and dispose of the waste to keep your paths clear so your house and pathways will be safe. 

Your Go-To Company 

We are a friendly, reliable and above all professional Tree Surgery, Landscaping and Clearance company based in Luton. We take pride in our reputation, our devotion to our customers, and the fact that our tree surgery, landscaping, clearing and all other services are reasonably priced, and we undertake the work with the least disruption to you and your property. Garden tidy-up services can be tailored to suit your needs. We work at times that are convenient for both parties. 
Keeping up with your garden can be very time-consuming and tedious. Leave the work to the professionals at Cambia who are skilled and experienced to clean up your garden area with no fuss. Simply get in touch by filling in our contact form just below this page or giving us a call on 01582 363280. We look forward to helping you maintain your garden clean and tidy! 

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