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The Important Things

Hopefully by now you've seen who we are, where we work and the many ways we can facilitate your needs. This is where we've set aside a small but very serious part of our site.

As the customer you'll really only see the finished product, so here are some of the procedures we have in place that happen behind the scenes.


Cambia Ltd are fully insured to carry out all the work advertised. With £10 million Public Liability insurance and £5 million PEI, you'll have piece of mind with us on your property.

We can provide proof of insurance upon request.


At Cambia Ltd all our staff have been trained on all our machinery. All PPE and equipment is kept in safe working order. All Rams are in place for tools, machinery and jobs.

We work with Citation, who are independent health & safety consultants. They monitor our work and practices, ensuring our staff are well trained and work safely out on site.

Planning Tree Work/Clearance

Before a quote is created, our team will liaise with the specific local authorities to check for Tree Preservation Orders (TPO's), SSSI's and conservation areas. This means that there is no rushing around on the customers part.

If a Tree Protection Order is in place, once the quote has been confirmed for the work to go ahead, we will start the application process to enable us to carry out the work. Most applications take a minimum of six weeks to be processed and are not always granted to be accepted.


We have spent many years to find and build good relationships with our suppliers to get the best quality and value materials for our customers.

After jobs are completed by us, we are only a phonecall away to answer any questions or offer advice. 


We deal with a plethora of waste, almost everything!

The green waste goes to a composting site, near Dunstable, the concrete and mineral waste heads to a quarry near Milton Keynes and all general waste and fencing goes to a recycling plant in Houghton Regis. Timber is left with organisations that split the wood for firewood and any wood chip goes to make bio fuel.

Contact Us

We're sure you still have some questions, so don't hesitate to contact us. Either phone us or fill out the contact form and we'll be in touch.

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