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Stump Grinding, Roots and Removal

So, your tree has gone. There's more light in the garden and less leaves to deal with. However, there's something still here. A reminder. A memento. A STUMP!

Not to worry. At Cambia we own and operate a selection of different machines to aid the removal of your stumps and roots. Let's have a look at our stump grinding machines...

Carlton 900H

This is the smallest of the bunch but don't let it's size fool you. 100kg in weight, powered by a 13hp Honda engine, it's a go-anywhere machine. At only 640mm wide it'll get into ANY garden...through the house if needed.

We've anhilated many stumps with this Carlton. 12 teeth is what makes this little machine bite.

Bandit HB20

Boasting a powerful V-twin 27hp engine, this machine is our 'go to'. It's self-propelled so it's easier for our operators to maneuver into position. Eight 700-series teeth are what propel it through all manner of size stumps.

Since owning this Bandit we've changed/replaced lots of parts to make sure it's always ready for action.


Bandit SG40

If you've made it here then you have some pretty big stumps!


This is the newest machine to the fleet. It has a massive 18" diameter cutting disc and is powered by a huge 38hp engine. Consider those stumps gone!

It's not just the size and power in this machines 'pros' list. It's just 750mm wide which means it'll get into most places. On tracks for stability, it not only moves on its own, but the head is all hydraulic too. This means fatigue is much lower for the operator because other than drinking more tea, there is a lot less physical action required.


That's the biggest we have...for now!

Contact us about Stumps

We're sure you still have some questions, so don't hesitate to contact us. Either phone us or fill out the contact form and we'll be in touch.

Type of work required

All Cambia stump grinder operators are trained and insured. These machines are serviced and maintained in-house, keeping our costs down; thus the cost to YOU down too!

If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch.

All You Need to Know About Stump Grinding 

Stump grinding is often the last step in tree removal. After a tree is cut down, it leaves behind an unsightly, ground level stump. If the unsightly stump isn't an issue for you, it can be left. However, it may cause problems down the road. A number of problems can devastate your stumps, such as root diseases and fungi such as honey fungus. Another problem is sucking, which happens when new shoots start to grow from the stump if the stubble is still alive which is when you may need stump removal. 

How does stump grinding work?

A stump grinder is used to chew through the stump wood left behind after a tree is cut down. It uses a powerful, rotating blade that cuts through the wood as it turns. The blade's teeth cut the stump wood into small pieces, as the operator directs the blade over the entire stump to turn the wood into chips and to take the stump well below ground level. 

After grinding, what happens to the wood from the tree stump?

The process of stump grinding produces large quantities of wood chips. You will make more than you expect, but the chips can be used as mulch on-site or thrown into your garden waste bin. The stump will also have a hole in it since you ground it down to all its volume. You can either shovel the wood chips into the hole to decaying, or you can import soil and fill the hole so that it's level with the surrounding ground.

What happens to roots after grinding? 

Grinding down a stump removes the visible remains of the tree, but the tree's roots spread underground, sometimes over four, eight, or twelve feet beyond where the stump once stood. Grinding causes these roots to naturally decay, but it's a long and difficult process. It could take up to 10 years for these roots to completely dissolve. 

Reasons for removal:


  • Unwanted pests and pathogens

  • Clear the area for new planting

  • Stump becomes a trip hazard

  • To build, lay a driveway or lawn 

  • Stumps are a pain to manoeuvre around

  • When there is no room for a stump in a formal setting

Is it better to grind or remove a stump?

You should choose which route is best for you by considering the future goals you have for your landscape. Stump grinding and stump removal both have their pros and cons. The removal of the stump process is more invasive, as it involves lifting up the whole stump as well as digging out all of the tree's roots. Whereas grinding the stump requires significantly less time. Tree surgeons will shred a stump down into small wood chips using a machine. 
You can contact us to arrange an inspection of stumps you wish to have removed and to provide you with advice as needed. We can also determine if the equipment needed to complete these works is suitable and decide on the best approach.

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